They came riding at first light
Fifty men armed to the teeth
The sounding horn called us out to fight
We went to meet them with our steel

Outnumbered yet we fought
But soon we were overrun
We took refuge in our home
Our downfall had just begun

They attacked our home, we kept them out
Defending ourselves with spear and bow
We took them out one by one
As the rising autumn sun glowed

There was twenty dead on each side
When we first smelled something burn
We heard them laughing from outside
Taunting us with spiteful words

They set the house on fire
In order to smoke us out
Only five of us were still alive
And our time was running out

Raging flames surrounded us all
Our home was under siege
Crumbling roof and burning walls
There was no way to break free

As we were all about to die
We swore a sacred oath
Revenge would be claimed if someone survived
And we sealed the oath in blood

The roof caved in and cleared a path
A way out of the flames
It was decided that I'd go first
As we made for our escaped

Suddenly the walls came down
And trapped the rest inside
My closest friends died that day
Only I made it out alive


It's five years since I left this land
Since I left my friends to burn
Fice years making bitter plans
Preparing my return

All this time my hatred's grown
The one thing on my mind
The hate in me is all I've known
The one thing keeping me alive

Bold words spreads across the land
Bragging tongues speak carelessly
Know they not what is to come
I'll hunt them down restlessly

The oath I swore, once sealed in blood
A seal between loyal friends
I swore before ancient Gods
I will have revenge

I swore! Before my Gods!
An oath! Once sealed in blood

Now here I stand in pouring rain
As he comes riding down the path
He will learn the meaning of pain
As subject to my endless wrath

He will be the first to pay
For the bragging words he spoke
He'll regret that fateful day
My friends perished in smoke

I swore! Before my Gods!
An oath! Once sealed in blood

So here I stand on the road
With cold steel in my hand
As he looks into my unforgiving soul
His tears begins to run

One man down 29 to go
Consider yourselves warned
I'm coming for the rest of you
And will have no remorse


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In the distance maze, I see two doors

One leads to ange, one leads to where I`ve been before

I am an angel, on broken wings

I am the beast, the devil and all in between

Nothing at all

It`s never dark here, it`s never light

Feeling like I`m caught between two worlds

Between two worlds

When the night comes down, the blade comes out

I wish, I wish, I wish I felt something at all

Nothing`s wrong or right, nor black or white

Behind the hurt I see the lust come shining through

What do I do

Just like the rainbow between mist and sun

Feeling like I`m trapped between two worlds

Between two worlds

Never laugh or smile, I never cry

My mind is numb, and I can`t take it anymore

Screaming in frustatration, no sound is heard

Am I asleep, or am I starring in a dream

Please wake me up

Sometimes the hunter, sometimes the prey

Feeling like I`m trapped, lost and never found

Feeling like I`m caught between two worlds

Without a home

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Morgen ists also mal wieder soweit...und wie seit 7 Jahren stellen sich alle meine Persönlichkeiten folgende Frage: WARUM? Warum musste ich all das ertragen? Warum musste ich all dies erleiden? Wie konnte sowas Lehrerin werden? UND WIESO VERDAMMTNOCHMAL MUSSTE ICH MICH AUSGERECHNET IN SO EINE SCHWACHE NUTTE VERLIEBEN?!?


Ganz ruhig...

Wir sind eigentlich doch schon drüber.



Und nur der HASS bleibt.

13.2.10 22:29, kommentieren

?!? Das ging aber schnell

So, nun bin ich einer weniger

ging auch verdammt schnell.



Trotzdem stellt sich der Hass nicht ein :S


Scheiß ich drauf

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Hass ist meine Attitüde

so, bald ists wieder einer weniger...und wieder ein Stück mit dem ich hätte lieben können...ABER WAS SOLLS? Ich hab noch genug weitere Schmarotzer in mir.


und Hass ist meine Attitüde


All diese hässligen Textzeilen in meinem Kopf...

und ich werd die auch verdammt noch mal nicht los Ò.Ó


 und Hass bleibt mir als Attitüde

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